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Lingual Anterior Debonding Plier ix960

Specifically designed to enable the clinician to easily debond 3M Incognito brackets and other lingual bracket systems with a customised base.

The bracket is successfully debonded by placing the sharp edges of the metal arms between the adhesive and enamel interface. The handles are slowly closed so that a peeling action of the bracket base from the gingival towards the incisal edge completes the safe and successful debond.

The sharp edges of the metal arms are manufactured from a special hardened steel which gives long lasting sharpness.

The Incognito system is a trademark of 3M.

Registered European Community Design Number:
002397075 (head), 002352740 (instrument)
US Design Patent Number: US D742,516 S
US Design Application Number: 29/495,999
Head Design Patent No. D760,389.


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