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IX920 Safe Cinch Plier

The IX920 is a plier used for the positioning of the IX921 Safe Cinch, the plier comes with 40 Safe Cinches. The plier and Safe Cinches can also be bought separately.

The IX921 Safe Cinch is a rounded, crimpable device which is fitted over the protruding end of the archwire behind the molar tube, using special pliers designed to hold and crimp it securely.

The Safe Cinch is designed to reduce emergency appointments by preventing sharp wire from poking into the soft tissue at the back of the mouth, safely holding de-bonded  molar tubes on the wire and preventing flexible wires from dropping out of molar tubes.

Problem #1 – Wire Poke
The wires slide out distally through the molar tubes as teeth align or wire slides round. Especially a problem with SLB’s and Lingual technique.

Problem #2 – Pull-through
The fine, flexible wires drop out of molar tubes and may be too light to be held into tubes by conventional cinching.

Problem #3 – Safety Concerns
Bonded molar tubes that debond can easily come off the back of the wire even when cinched, causing safety concerns.

EU patent number: EP 2106246
USA patent number: US 8,246,350 B2

The Safe Cinch must be positioned using the correct pliers otherwise its safety cannot be assured.

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